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Alex Masur, Owner

About Us

Hello and welcome to The Washington Break Room! We are the premier destination for entertainment to break away from the day to day life routine and release stress, have some fun, and create lasting memories. Experience an out of the ordinary, new, and unique activity as you smash away in your break room.

Whether you’re looking for a new and exciting type of entertainment this weekend, a place to release your emotions, or just a reason to throw a cool party, The Washington Break Room will deliver a great time for everyone!

Book online today! We look forward to seeing you at our Washington, PA, location soon!

Mission Statement

The need for break rooms has grown for many reasons over the past few years. We are positioned to optimize this time in history by providing a safe space where people can release their emotions and energy and have fun doing it alone or with friends and family.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to cultivate togetherness through joy and excitement. We created an affordable, family friendly, unique destination right in our own backyard. We believe that fun and entertainment have nothing to do with age.

The Washington Break Room is a destination that relieves you of screen time by immersing you in activity. Common side effects may include bouts of spontaneous laughter, bonding, and enjoying the moment. We value safety, high quality service, inclusion and fun. We strive to break the boredom of a traditional night out or special occasion.


 Alex and Nicole Masur, Owners

Our Story

The Washington Break Room was established in 2021 in Washington, PA, by a couple of locals looking to bring something new and exciting to our area. As community members, we recognized a need for increased entertainment options in Southwestern PA & Northern West Virginia. Our goal is not just to make a profit but to be a part of bringing a new type of fun indoor entertainment for friends and families to enjoy and help support our local economy!

Our business is a place where you can explore your wild side, do something you were always told not to, and unleash your frustrations by breaking things. Playing at The Washington Break Room creates a first date not soon to be forgotten, a release of the day-to-day grind, and a great way to connect with loved ones or friends that will be talked about for years to come. Leave the mess here, smashed; we’ll clean it up. Just take the memories with you!

The Washington Break Room has been a fun and enjoyable destination, an exciting surprise, and a highly sought-after weekend entertainment destination for many different age groups. Our guests come from Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and all over Pennsylvania! We are conveniently located in downtown Washington, PA, and hope to see you inside The Washington Break Room soon!

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